وجود پیگمان بر روی لامینا کریبروزا

A male child of Asian-American descent, aged 11, was brought in for assessment regarding the presence of pigmentation on the optic nerve. The visual acuity of both eyes, without any corrective measures, was measured to be 20/20.

The color fundus photography of the right eye exhibited a cup-to-disc ratio of 0.6, alongside the presence of a pigmented cribriform structure within the optic cup. It is postulated that the observed phenomenon corresponds to the presence of melanocytic pigmentation within the scleral fibers of the lamina cribrosa.

It is plausible that the condition under consideration may also represent an incipient optic nerve melanocytoma. Melanocytoma has been characterized as a pigmented lesion that partially or completely obscures the optic disc. The scleral fibers exhibit pigmentation, although they do not aggregate to form a distinct mass.