A randomized trial was conducted to evaluate retinal projection laser eyeglasses in participants with visual impairment caused by corneal disorders.

– A study evaluated the efficacy of a novel laser-eyewear technology to enhance the vision of individuals with corneal diseases.
– The technology bypasses the anterior segment of the eye and directly projects images onto the retina using a low-energy-class-I-RGB-laser.

– The study included 21 subjects with visual impairment due to corneal diseases.
– Measurements of visual acuity for near and distance vision were conducted with and without the laser eyewear.
– The results showed that the laser eyewear improved visual acuity in subjects with visual impairment.
The 2x magnification mode of the laser eyewear resulted in the greatest improvement in visual acuity.
– Reading speed, quality of life, and usability in daily activities also improved with the use of the laser eyewear.
– The study demonstrated that the laser eyewear could be a new option for low vision aids for patients with corneal diseases.

– Further research is needed to explore the potential of the laser eyewear in visual rehabilitation for these patients.

Webpage address: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/38000547

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