Patient satisfaction after EDOF intraocular lens implantation in vitrectomized eyes


Purpose: To report patient satisfaction after unilateral/bilateral extended depth-of-focus (EDOF) intraocular lens (IOL) implantation in a young population after vitrectomy.

Methods: Patients that underwent phaco-vitrectomy or phaco following vitrectomy with an AT LARA EDOF IOL, aged between 18 and 75 years, were asked to fill out a questionnaire to assess overall visual quality, near vision quality, and visual disturbances. The questionnaire was based on the Catquest, NAVQ, and APPLES questionnaires.

Results: A total of 89 participants (average age 56.7 years) filled out the questionnaire of which 53.9% received a unilateral EDOF IOL. The most common indications for vitrectomy were retinal detachments (38.2%), floaters (36.0%), and epiretinal membranes (16.9%).

The Catquest and NAVQ score respectively showed a good overall satisfaction (3.44/4.0), a good intermediate vision (3.55/4.0), and an average near vision (2.75/4.0).

The APPLES score showed acceptable visual disturbances. There were no differences between the unilateral and bilateral group, except for a higher spectacle dependency in the unilateral group (40% vs. 10.6%).

Participants that underwent vitrectomy in case of floaters reported lower satisfaction rates. Other variables, like the pre-operative refraction, had no impact on both satisfaction and visual disturbances.

Conclusion: Both unilateral and bilateral implantation of the AT LARA EDOF IOL showed a high satisfaction with no differences between both groups, except for a lower spectacle use in the latter. Hence, The AT LARA seems to be a possible choice in patients undergoing vitrectomy at a younger age, even for unilateral use.



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