Journal Club – 30-10-2021

updates on Vitreoretinal Interface Disorders

Special Thanks to Dr Mahdizad and Dr Riazi

Outer Foveal Microdefects

Outer Foveal Microdefects 26-7-2021

Journal Club 16-1-2021

Special Thanks to Dr Makateb And Dr Bazvand

Updates of Macular Hole and ERM

Retina ward journal club 10-10-2020

Journal Club 23-5-2020

Special Thanks to Amin Nabavi M.D for Presentation

Special Thanks to Dr Haidar Abbas for Presenation

Journal Club 17th April 2020

Special Thanks to Ali Makateb MD for Presentation

Special Thanks to Kaveh Fadakar M.D for Presentation .

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Vitreo-Retinal Interface Disorders