Updates on ROP

Journal Club 17-7-2021

Special Thanks to Dr Inanloo

Weekly Case Presentation-22-6-2021

Special Thanks to Dr Amin Nabavi and Dr Khalili Pour

Weekly Case Presentation-22-6-2021

Journal Club 19-6-2021

Surgical Approach to TRD

Special Thanks to Dr Mahdizad

Journal Club 12-6-2021

Pneumatic Retinopexy

Special Thanks to Dr Mirghorbani

Uveitis Webinar

Uveitis Webinar


Caffeine and the Eye

  • M.R.Mehrabi Bahar MD
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Pediatric Retinal Detachment

Fatemeh Bazvand MD



  • M.Zarei MD
  • 1400.01.23