The Role of AngioVue OCT-Angiography in the Management of AMD

How to optimize integration of OCT-Angiography into your daily practice


OCT Angiography (OCTA) is a new, non-invasive, motion contrast microvascular imaging modality that is a user- and patient- friendly addition to the diagnostic armamentarium of more than 650 ophthalmology practices worldwide since its introduction two years ago.

Prof. Bruno Lumbroso and Dr Marco Rispoli (Centro Oftalmologico Meterraneo, Rome, Italy) are worldwide pioneers in the development and adoption of this revolutionary technology. With more than two years of experience using AngioVue OCTA, along with numerous publications and books on the subject, they are recognized as having played a pivotal role in leading both the clinical validation of OCTA, and in defining the OCTA educational standards for the Ophthalmology community.

OCTA is very different from traditional dye-based angiographies, both in terms of image acquisition and interpretation. The aim of this webinar is to provide insight about diagnosing and following AMD patients using OCT Angiography, and how to successfully integrate OCTA into your own practice.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to optimize integration of OCT-Angiography into your daily practice.
  2. Special focus on OCTA for AMD.
  3. How to diagnose, classify, and follow-up on Wet AMD in everyday ophthalmology.


Prof. Bruno Lumbroso MD Centro Oftalmologico Mediterraneo
Dr Marco Rispoli MD Centro Oftalmologico Mediterraneo

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