37th ASRS Annual Meeting Reports

Part 1 – Slide Presentation by : Dr Mohammad Reza Mehrabi Bahar

Part 2- Slide Presentation by : Dr Alireza Mahmoudi

Acute Syphilitic Posterior Placoid Chorioretinopathy

Slide Presentation By : Dr Barzan Amjadi

Retina Trials – BCSC AAO 2018-2019

OCT Biomarkers in RVO

Ocular venous air embolism ( OVAE )

Choroidal Imaging Techniques

Vitrectomy Instruments

Myopic Maculopathy


Brolucizumab (also known as RTH258) is a human­ized single-chain antibody fragment that inhibits all isoforms of VEGF-A with a molecular weight of 26 kDa.

“On a molar basis, 6 mg of broluci­zumab equals approximately 12 times the 2.0-mg dose of aflibercept and 22 times the 0.5-mg dose of ranibizumab,” t

 “These attributes may confer potential advantages in the treatment of neovascular AMD. A small molecular weight and high drug concentration gradient between the vitreous and retina may support drug distribution into the retina.

Assuming comparable half-life, higher molar doses of drug may be cleared more slowly from the eye, thus prolonging duration of action,” they explained.

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